Mark Cuban tried to take politics out of sports. The rightwing ecosphere exploded

The owner’s decision to not play the anthem before Mavericks games, which went on for nearly two months before anyone noticed, set conservative media alight

From the moment nearly five years ago when Colin Kaepernick first kneeled during the national anthem to start a conversation over racial inequality and social injustice, the collective plea from the American right has been loud and clear: Keep politics out of sports.

Well, Mark Cuban obliged them. Then all hell broke loose.

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.@mcuban Your decision to cancel our National Anthem at @dallasmavs games is a slap in the face to every American & an embarrassment to Texas. Sell the franchise & some Texas Patriots will buy it. We ARE the land of free & the home of the brave.

What Mark Cuban did is appeasement to millionaires, predominately minorities. Millionaires enjoying the greatness of this country. You see, the NBA is a left-wing socialist sports organization. Economically, they’re in bed with China. They support Black Lives Matter. And now they’re talking about social injustice. These are millionaires who don’t vote. If they really care about social injustice, let’s work on black on black crime. Let’s start working on school choice. But these millionaires are being victims. And I find it insulting, this argument of systemic discrimination. … Who is this bogeyman who has implemented systemic discrimination? It does not exist in America, because of that flag and because people sacrificed and gave a lot for this country.

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