‘My dad’s movement is coming full circle’: Rasheda Ali on a boxing legacy

In a new documentary City of Ali, the life of Muhammad Ali is explored alongside the effect his death had on his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky

Rasheda Ali was born too late to see her father in the arena in all his swaggering pomp but, thanks to the magic of film, the quick step, verbal taunts and regal bearing of Muhammad Ali never fade. “I watch him boxing all the time because he was so good at it,” she says. “It was like watching a Shakespearean actor. He was so beautiful when he moved.

“I don’t see that today. My dad had so much passion for the sport; he loved it so much. The earlier years in his prime, it was wonderful to watch him dance around the ring. It’s something that I don’t think we’ll ever see again.”

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City of Ali is available to rent digitally in the US with a UK date to be announced

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