Brabham review – bumpy portrait of old-school F1 legend

The Australian motor sports champion’s ‘elbows out’ track style and difficult personality come through in this thorny documentary

This is a documentary about Australian motor sports legend Jack Brabham that aims to finesse the usual greatest-hits highlights by including some darker material: family strife, on-track bad behaviour, behind-the-scenes fallouts.

Brabham remains best known for being the only Formula One driver to win the world title in a car of their own construction, and this profile makes much of his engineering skills and constant tinkering in the workshop. He also raced throughout the sport’s most dangerous era – see the jaw-dropping BBC documentary Grand Prix: The Killer Years – with apparently barely a scratch, though there are some amusing shots of Brabham being forced to push his car over the line after running out of fuel on a number of occasions.

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