From taxis to Tokyo, Lauren Price claimed boxing gold the hard way

Lauren Price was middleweight champion at Tokyo 2020, having overcome the death of her grandfather in 2019

Long before Lauren Price became an Olympic gold medallist, outclassing Li Qian of China in the women’s middleweight final in Tokyo, in order to fund her long-held dream of Olympic greatness she would spend her weekends driving taxis across Wales while training during the rest of the week. It was an enjoyable life at times, meeting so many people, taking the initiative in search of her goals and the stories she has to tell are priceless.

“It’s pretty crazy, really,” she says, laughing. “I had one woman strip off. She was steaming. I dropped her off and she took all her clothes off and I had to knock her husband out of bed. Didn’t really know what to do. I’ve had a few drunks in my car doing the ride from Cardiff to the Valleys, picking them up on a Friday and Saturday night.”

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